Motions for the 2014 AGM

Here are the motions, as of this writing, for the 2014 AGM:

From Ryan Petty:  The Wisconsin Division is required to hold a Div. 2/3 and Y14 Qualifier and a Junior Olympic Qualifier. Those two events, and only those two events, are official Division tournaments. All other tournaments merely take place within the Division." (addition in red)

I also move to amend the WI Division Bylaws Article II Section 1. Purpose to read:

"The purpose of THE DIVISION is to support, enhance and develop the sport of fencing within the State of Wisconsin; to support local competitions and tournaments; to hold the two required annual events (Div. 2/3 and Y14 Qualifiers and JO Qualifiers) and to aid and assist the USFA in its objectives and purposes." (addition in red)

From Mike Garrison:  As you know, we lost our web manager, Jason. Therefore, in order to maintain a productive and usable site, I move to update the Division website. I have already built a new site, in anticipation of approval. The new site would allow give complete control over all pages, unlike the current, which requires a web professional to make changes.

If you have any other motions or nomination, please submit them to Brian Duckwitz, Div. Sec.


2014 Annual General Meeting

Our 2014 AGM will be on Sunday July 20th, 2014 at 1:00 PM in the Common Room at the Eagle School, 5454 Gunflint Trail, Madison, WI 53711.  

The AGM is open all members of the Wisconsin Division and is where most of the business of the Division is decided.  It is the responsibility of the EC to spread the word about this meeting.  Again, all members are welcome and allowed to vote, not just EC members.

This notice also serves as a call for motions. If you'd like to change something, add something, improve something, tweak, or eliminates something within our Division, please send in a motion. Motions can be sent to Mike Garrison. I'll compile them and publish them on this website. 

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Posted June 10, 2014

Men's Foil and Epee moves to Madison

Due to low pre-registration numbers, Div 2/3 qualifiers ME and MF are rescheduled for the Madison Fencing Academy on Tuesday 3-25 at 8 PM. The MFA is at 5454 Gunflint Trail, Madison.

Fencing equipment giveaway

The Wisconsin Division is giving away 4 scoring boxes.  These boxes are old two weapon boxes, so they will not work with saber.  They would still be legal in epee and can function for practice with foil, although they cannot be upgraded to 2005 timings changes, so they would not be legal for foil. We are giving these away on a first come, first serve basis.   If you are interested, please email me at

Congratulations to Wisconsin Fencers

The results of the 2013 National Championships are in and I'd like to take a moment to congratulate all of the Wisconsin Division fencers who competed.  

Congratulations to Joe Biebel for winning first place in Veteran 60 Men's Foil.  

The Wisconsin Division had 10 foilists in various events and one team competing this year.  

  • Brian Aronica, Division 2 Men's Foil, U19 Men's Foil.
  • Joe Biebel, Veteran 60 Men's Foil
  • Alden Grasse, Div 2 Men's Foil, Div 3 Men's Foil, U19 Men's Foil
  • Ellis Grasse, Div 2 Men's Foil, Div 3 Men's Foil, U19 Men's Foil, U16 Men's Foil
  • Natalie Hagopian, Div 2 Women's Foil, Div 3 Women's Foil
  • Katherine Ling, Div 2 Women's Foil, Div 3 Women's Foil
  • David Neevel, Veteran 40 Men's Foil
  • Mireille Padilla, Div 2 Women's Foil, Div 3 Women's Foil
  • Kali Thibault, Div 2 Women's Foil, Div 3 Women's Foil
  • Jim Voelz, Veteran 50 Men's Foil

Team: Wisconsin Veterans Composite, consisting of Joe Biebel, Jim Voelz and David Neevel, Veteran Team Men's Foil

We sent two epeeists this year.

  • Joseph Shimek, Y14 Men's Epee
  • Lara Szpak, Div 1 Women's Epee

Congratulations all.  

Jacob Kriegisch

Chairman, Wisconsin Division, United States Fencing

2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Hello All,
Just a reminder... Our 2013 AGM will be on Saturday July 13, 2013 at 11:00 AM at UW Rock County, 2909 Kellogg Avenue, Janesville WI 53546.  

Please make an effort to attend, share your views, and vote on important issues.


Brian Aronica OWNS the Burton!

Hello folks,
If you were at the Burton last week you saw Brian Aronica give a masterclass in composure and strategic thinking. Here's a very nice summary of Brian's great performance from his first coach, Joe Biebel...

Wisconsin fencing has a new hero. His name is Brian Aronica. This last Saturday, he got a small taste of his very bright future. In a major regional open tournament (The "BURTON" in Chicago) Brian took second place. It was not just that Brian took second place in a meet with: 5 "A"s, 8 "B"s, 11 "C"s and a total of 55 fencers, it was how he did it.

Brian's day started out pretty shaky. His first round record was 1 victory and 4 defeats, putting his seed for the DEs at 46 out of 55. Not a good omen. Brian pulled himself together and went on a "win binge" in the Direct Elimination portion of the meet.

In his first DE, He defeated 19th seed, Michael Pozin, by a score of 15-10. 

He won his next match against 13th seed Blake Wooley, winning 15-12. 

In Brian's third DE match he fenced 3rd seed Kayla Kelch. This was the first big comeback of Brian's day. Kelch led by a huge score initially while Brian slowly got his rhythm, and tactics; then straightened out his thinking to pull off a stunning comeback eventually winning 15-14. During the last few seconds of this match the crowd was going wild.

His win against Kelch put Brian into the top 8. His next opponent was 5th seeded Nicholas Marchuk.

Here is a link to the video:

Marchuk slowly, carefully fenced Brian for 3 periods leading the entire way. At about 1 minute left, Marchuk was leading by 12-8. At 50 seconds to go, Brian scores on an attack making it 9-12. Marchuk scores again 3 seconds later on a counterattack putting the score at 13-9. At 32 seconds, Marchuk's attack is riposted by Brian, he's now at 10-13. At 24 seconds, Brian scores another hit, almost nonchalantly, with an attack-riposte, counter-riposte, counter-riposte action. The score is now 11-13. He had the look of someone that has had lessons. Brian knowing full well what the time situation is takes his time scoring on a riposte at 9.5 seconds remaining. Brian finally presses the attack and hits while chasing Marchuk with a nifty counter-riposte at 6.9 seconds to go. Score, 13-13. Upon resuming, Marchuk presses Brian toward his end line until Brian makes an attack in preparation to go ahead 14-13 with 1.5 seconds to go. Brian has his mask off saluting for the win, thinking time was up but figured out the situation pretty quickly and gathered himself for the finish. The fencers come enguarde, ready, fence, Brian explodes backwards with a point in line as Marchuk flesches after him. Brian wins 14-13 on time.

Brian is now in the medal round fencing Matt Cameron to make the final.

Here is a link to the video:

For once Brian starts out with a substantial lead. During an early part (3-1 Brian) of the match, Cameron's parry strikes Brian hard on the ankle bone, temporarily disabling him. Brian recovers and proceeds to establish a large lead getting to 9-3, almost exclusively with defense against Cameron's large strong attacks. Brian attempts an experiment with a strong attack of his own which is riposted by Matt to bring the score to 4-9. Matt then goes on a beautiful streak of attacks, counter-ripostes and strong infighting to go ahead 10-9. Brian then "turns invisible", forcing misses by Matt, going ahead 14-10. Brian suddenly changes to a very intensely paced offense which ends up with Matt scoring on a well-disguised attack. Score 11-14. Brian then goes back to his patient defense waiting for Matt to attack, retreating just out of reach of Matt's attack and finishing with an attack of his own to win 15-11.

Brian's first place match was well fought against James Hu. 

Here is a link to the video:

Hu did everything well scoring with attacks, ripostes, several stop hits, all the while exhibiting excellent footwork and speed. Brian started out with a substantial deficit and, of course, made a very nice run at the end getting everyone excited about another amazing comeback. Hu, was not to be denied and won cleanly running off his last 3 touches in a row to win 15-9.

Everyone has known and predicted that Brian would soon be getting the results that his hard work should yield. Saturday was just the beginning. We were all thrilled to see Brian put it all together. Frankly, it was a thrill ride. He showed remarkable poise, technique, focus, precision, speed, and as always, great sportsmanship. Brian received many congratulation, I received some congratulations, Brian's parents got congratulations, I'm sure Abbas and Tammer Fadel surely got some thanks and congratulations, but let's face it; Brian was the man in the arena and deserves the credit.

One strange side note. Brian started out this meet a "C" fencer. The meet :on paper" was a group A2 competition. As chance would have it, only one of the "A's" made the final 8 changing the meet to the point where 2nd place, instead of a "B", earns a "C". Brian has to be the highest rated "C" in the world.

Way to go Brian. I've ordered you a lightsaber! "Impressive, most impressive young Foilhopper.....but you are not a Jedi yet".

Also important to note was Alden Grasse. He played very well in the pool and ended up 20th overall. Way to go Alden. Finally, it was great to see all of our young tournament fencers attend this meet. Daring to go head to head with strong fencers is a very important aspect for improving. All of them showed no fear and by their very willingness to dare greatly, have improved themselves. Oh, and kids, if you want to know who else is responsible for your successes, look over at the driver(s) the next time your on the way to a meet.


-----Thanks Joe. We're all very proud of Brian. He's a great young man and a fine fencer!

Posted by Mike

Division tournament schedule

Hello folks,
In addition to the AskFred site, here's a quick listing of the tournaments that have been sanctioned in the division for this season. This is merely a list of dates to help you plan. Please use AskFred for tournament details. 

10/21/12: WFA Mixed Open

11/11/12: WFA Mixed Open & Veteran's

11/18/12:  Turkey Meet

12/2/12:  WFA Mixed Open

1/6/13:  WFA Swords and Snowflakes Mixed Open

2/10/13:  WFA Mixed Open

3/10/13:  WFA Mixed Open

4/14/13:  WFA Mixed Open

5/5/13:  WFA Women's Open & Mixed Y14

5/19/13:  WFA Annual Ironman Mixed Epee Open

6/2/13:  WFA Annual Saber Ironman Challenge Open & Team

6/15/13:  WFA Annual Father's Day Cup


2012 AGM a big, big hit!

An air conditioned conference room. Ergonomic office chairs. A high definition projector, and powerful wi-fi. Refreshments served and restrooms just down the hall. 

I know that it seems as if I'm describing a corporate board meeting, but no, that was the scene at the 2012 Division Annual General Meeting. Thanks again to Brian Duckwitz of UW Rock County for putting the meeting together and in such nice digs.

Our Division saw a few changes at the 2012 AGM and none more striking than the changes in the officer cadre. Here is the new officer list:

Chair: Jacob Kriegisch 
Vice Chair: Ryan Petty 
Secretary: Brian Duckwitz
Treasurer: Dierdra Stary
Armourer: Dave Neevel 

As you can see, your humble author is no longer at the helm of this august assembly. I will maintain the web site and continue to serve on the Executive Committee, however Jacob Kriegisch now serves as Division Chair.

Other changes are detailed in the Meeting Minutes, which will be placed on the web site shortly.

Notable among the changes include: Division clubs must be USFA member clubs to host sanctioned events, sanctioned events now require the assignment of a Head Referee, and we welcome Salle Scaramouche to the Division. 

A new Officer and Executive Committee list will be published on this site and the Documents section will be updated with the most current docs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Wisconsin fencers at the 2012 Summer Nationals

Here are some Wisconsin results from the 2012 Summer Nationals.

Alden Grasse:

Tied for 38th place at the Div III National Championships with 130 fencers

Finished #215 out of 257 in U-19 Mens Foil


Ellis Grasse:

Took 166 out of 199 in Y-14 Mens Foil

Took 57 out of 220 in Y-12 Mens Foil.  In the process took 4th seed Nick Itkin to 3 matches 5-3, 2-3, 5-2.


Brian Aronica:

Placed 150 out of 193 in U-16 Mens Foil

Placed 213 out of 251 in U-19 Mens Foil

Placed 133 out of 156 in Div III Mens Foil

Tied for 109 out of 130 in Div II Mens Foil


Joe Biebel:

Wins the Veteran 60 Men's Foil, defeating Neal White (of Chicago) in the final match 10-4.   Joe makes the Veteran World Team, being first on points for the year.

Congratulations to each of you. 



P.S. We're always looking for Wisconsin fencing news photos, results, and the like. Please send your news to Mike for posting to the site.